Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Gods Must be Bigshots

The following gods are gods worshiped in and around the area of Cerenbaun. All the gods in this list have never sponsored a godtouched race, underlying their importance to society. Importantly, a god's portfolio has little to do with the powers of the god, and more the powers that worshipers have chosen to attribute to the god. A god's portfolio is self-perpetrating in this manner, but varies widely from region to region. A god's name, personality, or even gender can also vary similarly, so we'll be sticking to the religious views most of the people in Cerenbaun share, for simplicity's sake.

K'tellos - The God of the Fey - K'tellos is a horrific creature that defies description. He governs nightmares, fears, the moon, the hidden depths of water, caves, the night, darkness, mystery and insanity. He is the eldest god and existed even before our planet or the One Mother. Rumor is that even the fey have not heard from their god in several millennia. Many hope that he no longer exists, but just as many worship him fanatically, trying to resurrect him and have the waking world destroyed by an army of his minions.

The One Mother - The Goddess of Life and Death - The One Mother is the second eldest god. She is the governor of life, death, sadness, joy, love, compassion and fertility. She is said to be constantly weeping from experiencing the labor pains of life, the suffering of survival and the loss of death. She was also said to be constantly joyous of all those who live in harmony, who respect their fellow creatures, who experience love, and those who simply enjoy living. Worshiped by maidens, farmers, midwives, morticians and therapists, her followers noted a distinct absence of her presence for the past fifty years. Her presence has recently returned, but something about it has changed, and many fear what their Goddess may have become in her absence.

Kenerrin - The Goddess of Magic - Kenerrin is the goddess of magic and the stars, and unlike many other gods, not much else. The realm and control of magic is so wide and diverse that she needs no other aspects. When depicted, she commonly has 12 faces representing the 12 magical elements surrounding two larger, central faces. She is prayed to by anyone who dabbles in magic, whether they be wizards, elemancers, divine casters with no patron, or simply those who wish to have some kind of magical resistance or protection from her supernatural ability to shape the world.

Jhett - The God of the Breach - Often depicted as an old man with a flowing, tangled beard of green and purple, Jhett is said to live in the Jhettan Storms, the impassable storms that prevent us from reaching the other hemisphere of the planet. His domains include storms, turbulence, chaos, change, gates and portals. He is most often prayed to by pilgrims, sailors and travelers for safe journeys, but it said that he is fickle and gives and takes his blessings freely.

Coralis - The God of Intensity - Primarily the god of sensation, Coralis' portfolio is especially wide and diverse. He is prayed to in matters of sex, passion, mind-altering substances, drink and food, pain, beauty, and indulgence of any kind. There are quite a few different sects who follow him with wildly different beliefs and practices. For instance, the Food Mages of the Shanbar province say prayers to him on a very regular basis, but so do mauraders, sexual deviants and those who suffer from addiction.

Diviana - The Goddess of Conflict - Diviana is worshiped by those who are experiencing or about to experience conflict. She is prayed to in times of war and natural disasters. She is also the representative goddess of both justice and injustice, the resolutions of conflict. Her images are very common in the justice system, and both the criminals and the police and prosecutors will make appeals to her.

Nea - Goddess of Adventure - Appears as a young teenager with a bubbly and infectious personality, Nea often shows herself to heroes or people who are on the path to achieve great discovery. Her followers pray to her on subjects of open mindedness, discovery, travel, searching, self-fulfillment, accumulation of experience, danger, risks, thrill-seeking, and excitement. Those who quest and adventure are her prime subjects. She is also a very popular deity for those experiencing a midlife crisis.

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