Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Briefer History of Aarn

The driving force of the world of Aarn, the creatures that have brought about the most change by far, are the fey and the gods. Having existed in a timeless space, these creatures became addicted to the concept of causality when they first experienced the material world, and turned it into a vast game whose rules only they fully understand.

The most devastating and influential events in the past of Aarn were all due to the interference of the fey and gods, either directly or indirectly. The war that split the planet into two halves - one accessible and one not, was one of the first of many such events. Other events include the invention of magic, the creation of intelligent creatures that could use it, the destruction of the old afterlife system and the creation of the current one, and the birth of undead creatures. Many of the fey and gods have suffered keenly at their own follies, but not as much as the mortals they created.

Most mortals in Aarn simply struggle to survive. Known as godtouched, they are trapped in a cycle they do not fully understand nor comprehend. Many turn to adventure in order to learn, grow, become famous, gather riches, or simply assert that they are not simple pawns in the game they can barely see.

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