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Aarn Timeline (Beginning with the Era of Lies)

The "Demonic Era," also known as "The Era of Lies" begins.

1600: Demons begin settling in Aarn, building their own cities, especially in Yessha and Western Zenninfal. The Demons name their cities in what will become Shanbar after the countries of Europe.

1700: The Merfolk begin gathering up in the Great Barrier Sea, fleeing the highly volcanic waters of the Eastern Islands. They abandon wizardry and begin developing biotechnology, choosing to shun magic.

1850: A combination of Demons being corrupted by power and Humans learning of religious dogma cause the Humans to start to worship Demons as gods.

2000: Aledoran remnants interbreeding with Udhan give rise to what will become the Yesshan race.

2100: The Tehxiona of Kuulainen begin sending emissaries into the world, teaching the old ways, and revealing how the Demon information about the afterlife is a “lie.” Horrible religious wars break out, with demon technology making these wars brutal and devastating.

2531: The Fey put their foot down and exile the demons off of Aarn, forever. This leaves behind backwards, technologically incompetent civilizations of all races who allow their religious fervor to rule themselves.

The “Era of Lies” ends. “The Age of Legends” begins.

2600: The Tehxiona, the only godtouched race with surviving technological base, begin conquering the continent, subjugating the other godtouched races, like the Aledorans before them. The Udhan in Rensvaja enter a long period of extended barbarism.

2850: A pollitical upheaval in the Tehxiona leadership causes much of their technological security to be compromised. Tehxiona devices and education start to become controlled by other races.

2900: The area that will become the Chianmos Desert, the major linking hub between the Eastern and Western Tehxiona empire, and the source of much of its food, begins to drought. The Tehxiona to the east begin interbreeding with Aledoran remndants, giving rise to the Zhan race.

2940: The Valdrex awaken from their extended hibernation. They begin to quietly manipulate events in Yessha, wishing the world to think they are extinct.

3000: A centaur empire begins forming in the Eastern Islands. They exilie all Aledoran remnants to the mainland.

3100: The Yun empire, humans secretly controlled and manipulated by the Valdrex, overthrow their Tehxiona masters in Yessha.

3300: The Yun begin conquering Camaria, driving out or killing the non-Yesshan populace. The drought in what will become the Chianmos desert worsens. A pollitical schism occurs in the Tehxiona empire, where the eastern and western areas of the empire are to be controlled by separate pollitical factions.

3320: The Yun conquer what will become Igakari, effectively separating the Eastern and Western Tehxiona empires further. Attempts to invade Rothysia result in stalemate with the Ghrok living there.

3450: The Yun begin conquering the islands that will become the Yesshan trade route, an area effectively ignored by the Tehxiona empire.

3455: The Yun launch a surprise invasion of Western Zenninfal from Treddis. The Western Tehxiona Empire falls back to Habruk, suing for peace. The ancestors of the Rothysian barbarians are cut off from the rest of Tehxiona and begin to integrate with the Ghrok. The Yun liberate the Satyrs, who teach the Yun advanced methods of agriculture. The Yun and Centaur empire ally with one another.

3500: Interbreeding between the Yun and Tehxiona give rise to the ancestors of the Jerolan people. An Era of protracted cold war between the Yun and Eastern Tehxiona begins

3900: Valdrex Wizards rediscover how to create and manipulate channeler portals. A vast network of gates is set up between the important parts of the Yun Empire. Cultural backlash between rapidly homogenizing cultural areas almost tears the empire apart. Eastern Tehxiona loses its superpower status in an economic collapse.

4000: A Lenneshin uprising in Zhanpai drives the humans out of the eastern Eifalos mountains.

4100: The Yun civil war ends, and Yun enters its golden age. Constant border conflicts arise between the Yun and the Rothysian barbarians. The Barbarians are never conquered, but this war helps to energize the Yun economy. Desertification begins to take hold in the already arid and overfarmed central Yessha.

4300: A large group of Naga attack Yessha, discovering that the Valdrex are still alive and controlling the Yun. They ally themselves with the harpies in the north, and use the Yuns' own portal gates to organize simultaneous strikes halfway across the world.

4350: The Yesshan desert nears its current size. The Yun depend on magics to keep it fertile and producing food. Naga rebels destroy these magical devices and a worldwide famine begins.

4400: The Lenneshin spread east, into the Khodosan valley. The Great Lenneshin Revival takes place.

4500: The Yun empire fractures. Their homogenous culture begins to degrade as barbarian and naga invasion brings Western Zenninfal and Yessha into a dark ages. The Valdrex retreat south, and begin conquering Rensvan and the barbarian Uhdan.

4600: The Zhan Empire is founded in Zhanpai, and begins conquering the Eastern Islands. A long protracted war between the Centaurs and the mainlanders begins.

4650: Satyrs in Western Zenninfal attempt to preserve knowledge despite the current dark ages, with the secret aid of spirit animals. Vizdane orders the Spirit animals to reveal their secret knowledge to the world. They abandon him, murder the Satyrs and begin following Venrisha. They actively work against any new civilizations that try to form in Western Zenninfal.

4700: The Centaurs invade Zhanpai, and begin setting up mainland colonies. At the same time, the Zhan Empire presses west, driving the Lenneshin in Khodosan underground.

4800: The Spirit Animals manage to completely destroy what remains of civilized harpies. They become animalistic, preying on human males to propogate their species. The Spirit Animals consider this a great success, but are rebuked by Venrisha who prefers perversion rather than complete destruction. She abandons the Spirit animals, and they are adopted by the One Mother.

4900: Remnants of the Yun empire rename themselves the Kamar empire, and conquer all of Camaria, Igakari and much of the Eastern islands. The Centaur empire finally collapses, and Centaurs revert to barbarism.

5000: A series of brutal four-way wars over what will become Igakari take place between the Kamar, the Habrukans, Rothysian Ghrok and the Zhan. Kamar retains control of the land, but interbreeding between the three human groups has created the precursor for the Igan race.

5100: Venrisha creates the anthromorph race of cursed humans. They are hunted by civilized races out of superstition and fear.

5200: Nektos successfully creates sentient undead. He rapidly begins spreading the undeath virus all over Aarn. Kamar loses control over the Eastern Islands.

The Age of Legends ends. The Era of Death begins.

5300: The Kamar remnants in the Eastern Islands are duped into believing that all tall people are secretly vampires in disguise. The average height of humans in the Eastern Islands plummets.

5600: The Zhan empire attempts to fight back the undead plague by creating their own magical plague, engineered to destroy those infected with undeath. This plague backfires horribly, killing anyone who has ever come into physical contact with an undead specimen. The Ghrok and Centaurs are almost driven to extinction. World population plummets. Nektos isolates his favorite species of undead in order to preserve them and releace them again once the plague has run its course. The Valdrex, once again, put themselves into a stasis.

5650: With the disappearance of their masters, the Rensvaja people (formerly the Uhdon) begin discovering the secrets of wizardry. Out of desperation, they form massive soul links with one another to resist the undead hordes.

5690: The first Rensvaja soul-linked channeler king rises to power.

5700: The Zhan empire fractures into the separate civilizations of Khodosan, Goxian and Shaoyu. As the Plague was created by magic, the Zhan culture chooses to brand magic as sinful.

5800: The last remnants of the Kamar empire revert to tribalism in the face of extinction.

6000: The Ez civilization begins to rise in Yessha, insulated from the global plague by the great heat and arid conditions.

6090: The largest soul-link in history, of 561 individuals, all die at once, plunging Rensvan into a time of chaos and strife, despite surviving much of the plague and undead invasion.

6100: The Great Plague finally ends, with the numbers of surviving Undead and Godtouched races pulled down to pathetic population levels. Much technological and magical knowledge is lost.

The Era of Death ends. The Classical Era begins.

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