Saturday, January 26, 2008

Elemancy: Now known as Elemental Channeling!

I've decided that my problems with naming the different kinds of elemancy has brought certain kinds of progress on my system to a halt, so it's only reluctantly that I've decided to approach it from a different angle.

From here on out, elemancy will be known as "elemental channeling," or simply "channeling" for short. Channelers will be known simply by the word for their element combined with "channeler," such as air channeler, water channeler, light channeler, fire channeler, death channeler, etc.

Usually an uneducated person won't distinguish channelers by their element, but occasionally certain types of channelers have developed slang terms and nicknames. Metal channelers might be called metalers, for instance, a death channeler might be called a reaper and light channelers could be called illusionists.

The manna and kanna elemental channelers still have individual names depending on their skills, such as gravity, shape, destruction, portal, psy and astral, with uninspired slang terms such as shapers, psychics and empaths.

As a side-note, an archaic term for a channeler is an "elementalist." During the height of the Jerol Empire, magic was mainly controlled by guilds of channelers who grouped together based on their elemental type and called themselves elementalists. Beware any creatures using this term! It usually means they are old, and thus, quite powerful and dangerous.

One last thing - the term "elemancy" will still be used, which might confuse some people! I apologize for it, but it really is a nice name I don't want to just throw aside.

In the future, elemancy and elemantic effects will refer to channelers who enhance their abilities with wizardry, usually in order to create pets and creatures they can dominate and command.

Types of elemancers include...

Animancers, who use their kanna element to create golems out of metal, earth and wood.

Cybermancers, a subset of animancers who transfer their own soul into automaton, and live as clockwork robots who have souls.

Biomancers, who use their life element to create unnatural monsters.

Necromancers, who use their death element to create undead puppets.

Astralmancers, who use their manna element to summon creatures of dream and fantasy from thin air.

Any element can be combined with wizardry in order to create puppets, but the above five are the only ones who have special names and complex rules for the creation of their pets. All other elemancers are simply known as, well, "elemancers" regardless of their element, and their puppet creations are usually known as elementals. These elementals are all based on the same kind of template, and changing an elemental's element only really changes what kind of damage they deal when attacking, or what kind of limited extra-special ability they might have access to.

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