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Aarn Timeline (Beginning with the Birth of Humanity)

Year 0 - The first humans are created by Jennin. The "Age of Humanity" begins.

Year 120 - Already established godtouched civilizations such as the Lenneshin, Ghorma, Valdrex, Salamanders (lead by fire dragons), Medusae and Centaurs begin attempting genocide against the humans. Civilizations that outright refuse to aid the humans are Satyrs, Merfolk and Orchaein, but they do not act hostile towards the new race.

Year 140 - The naga begin aiding the humans against attacks from civilized godtouched. Sphinxes begin aiding the humans against attacks from uncivilized godtouched.

Year 280 - Human civilization first begins successfully in the south of Rensvan. These humans name themselves the Udhan.

Jennin appoints the Naga as the official mediaries between himself and humanity as a reward for saving them.

Year 300 - The giants in the north name two of the other promminent human tribes "elves" and "dwarves." The humans call themselves "Aledorans" and "Tehxiona," respectively.

The fey formally known as elves rename themselves grassrunners and take on a human shape, as opposed to a satyr shape.

Year 350 - The Aldeorans and Udhan independently develop wizardry with the help of Jennin.

Year 490 - The Centaurs accept a truce with the Aledorans.

Year 500 - The Tehxiona enter into a protracted conflict with the Leneshin civilization in the middle north.

Year 530 - The snow naga protecting the Tehxiona are driven extinct by the war.

Exiled from their homeland, the Tehxiona invade the Aledoran homelands in the southeast.

Year 590 - The Valdrex invade, conquer and enslave the Udhan and their southern naga protectors. Their culture is eradicated. The Valdrex quickly reverse-engineer wizardry.

Year 620 - After generations of bloodshed and exile, the Tehxiona mostly join and incorporate themselves into the Aledoran civilization.

Year 650 - The Aldeorans slowly begin expanding north and west, invading Lenneshin territory.

Year 700 - The Lenneshin are driven deep into the northern shadow of the Eifalos mountain range.

Year 710 - The Valdrex launch a preemptive strike against the Aledorans. Their capitol city is contained within an impenetrable forcefield, and ransacked by the Valdrex. A permanent portal to the central Valdrex hive in what will become Jerohm is set up to transform the city into an outpost from which to launch a greater invasion.

The Aledoran Naga begin invading border hives of the Valdrex.

Year 730 - The Aledoran wizards engineer a virus that is virulently infectious, but only to Valdrex. A lone Aledoran hero slips past the Valdrex's forcefield and releases the contageon.

The Sphinx officially break ties with humanity, and go into hiding.

Year 732 - The Valdrex panic as the Aledoran capitol and Valdrex central hive succumb to plague, withdrawing their forces.

The Aleodran military pushes the Valdrex out of what will become Yessha, then begin a campaign of liberating the enslaved Udhan in the south.

Year 745 - The Valdrex are pushed deep into the densest jungles of Rensvan.

The Udhan become second-class citizens in the Aledoran empire.

Year 750 - The Aledorans begin colonizing and annexing the rest of the surface world.

Year 760 - The Ghorma withdraw from the mainland and settle permanently in the island that will be known as Ghormotole, successfully defending it from the Aleodrans.

The Aledorans drive the Medusae out of the south of Rensvan, destroying their civilization and cultural sanity in the process.

Year 790 - The Aledorans enter a truce with the Merfolk; the Aledorans will not set foot under the sea, and the Merfolk will not set flipper on land.

Year 800 - The Aleodrans successfully reverse-engineer the Valdrex's advanced wizardry techniques.

Year 830 - The Salamander civilization (in what will become the Yesshan trade route) collapses. 70% of all fire dragons are killed by self-righteous Aledorans, and the Salamanders themselves are scattered over the whole of Aarn.

Year 840 - The Aledoran golden age begins, 90% of all existing landmass is inhabited or annexed by Aledoran people.

Year 860 - With no more lands to conquer, the Aleodrans begin researching ways to breach the Jehttan storms and reach the forbidden side of the planet. The potential power of Wizardry begins expanding exponentially.

Year 1050 - The Aledoran magical experiments reach critical mass, triggering a magical cataclysm. The Aledoroan homeland shatters into what is now known as the Eastern Islands. Human civilization Collapses.

The permanent portal between the Aleodran capitol city and what will become Jehrom floods, creating the Heretanni Salt Lake.

Aarn is plunged into a nuclear winter that lastes 50 years, billions die and most civilizations begin to fall.

Year 1060 - The Lenneshin move underground, preserving their civilization and culture.

Year 1080 - Nektos takes this opportunity to create the undead race, shattering the afterlife.

The "Age of Humanity" ends. The mythical "Silent Era" begins.

Year 1085 - The Lenneshin become devoutly spiritual once their dead refuse to rest.

Year 1120 - Psychic pollution caused by all new deaths leading to ghosts drives a great deal of fey insane, bonding them with the Aarn and causing them to become demi-mortal, similar to what happened when they encountered Aarn for the first time. Many of these fey become ghouls and second-generation soul twisters.

K'tellos forces himself into eternal slumber at the bottom of Lake Anessis in order to prevent himself from meeting the same fate as his fey kin.

Year 1140 - The valdrex enter extended hibernation, preserving their civilization and culture.

Year 1220 - Vizdane creates the Spirit animals, hoping to find a solution to the afterlife problem.

Year 1360 - The fey discover the demons, and comission them to create a new afterlife.

Year 1550 - The demons finish the afterlife. In order to educate sentients about how to prepare for it, they physically travel to Aarn and begin settling there.

The "Silent Era" ends. The "Demonic Era," also known as "The Era of Lies" begins.

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