Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Magic: Channeling Effects

To further help flesh out channeling, this post will simply be a list of what physical effects can be provided by a weapon charged with channeled magic based on which elements. This is certainly not a complete list, but it gives an idea of the sorts of damaging effects that certain elements can cause.

Wind: Suffocation, buffeting, larger-than-normal-wounds, inhaled poisons, slashing

Water: Extra bleeding, poisons, drugs, acids, bases, minor infections, explosive hemorrhaging, dessication

Earth: moderate infections, contaminants, blunt trauma, entombment

Metal: Slashing, piercing, blunt trauma, heavy metal poisonings

Life: Cancers, uncontrollable bleeding, major infections, paralysis, incontinence, blindness, deafness, numbness, severe allergic reactions, crippling pain, hallucinations, other biological effects limited only by creativity and sadism

Death: Necrosis and gangrene, numbness, paralysis, crippling pain, decay, rot

Kanna: All of the above to lesser extents, plus to normal extents, sensory mental effects such as confusion, headaches, reliving of unwanted memories, hallucinations

Light: Moderate burning, blindness, distractive visual effects

Shadow: Blindness, slashing, numbness, hallucinations

Cold: Numbness, freeze burns, shattering of flesh

Heat: Severe burns, ignition

Electricity: Seizures, system shock, paralysis, minor burns,

Sound: Deafness, numbness, confusion, daze, muteness

Manna: All energy effects to lesser effects, plus emotional mental effects to normal extents like unwanted emotions, exhaustion, loss of motivation, panic, fear, temporary insanity

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