Thursday, February 7, 2008

Intermission: A milestone, and future plans for the blog

Updates may either slow down, or change focus in the near future. With the completion of the constructs post, I've officially detailed every type of creature that exists in Aarn, and exhausted almost all the "easy" things to write about for the setting! Here's a list of what's left to do:

Setting rules and mechanics - Complicated and difficult, especially considering most of the good ideas are already taken by people-who-will-sue-me-if-I-use-the-ideas. This cannot be underestimated in its bulk or breadth, either - it's easily a full half of the project!

Types of magic and the details of how they work - Other than the barest of bare overviews of magic (which I will be doing the next few posts) most magical spells and magical quirks and details depend on the setting rules and mechanics. Not much point of a spell that does something that isn't reflected in the rules, and doesn't affect the rules in an appreciable way, is there?

Magical artifacts and equipment - Detailing this will not only require the magic details, but the rules details as well!

A time line of recent world history and wars - While it doesn't require the setting rules, it does require working knowledge of historical socio-political trends that I am currently lacking. There's someone at my college who will hopefully help me with this, though.

World Culture - I need to detail the cultures, politics and practices of Cerenbaun, the Moorish Isles (which need a name change,) Igakari, Eastern Habruk, Western Habruk, the Eastern Islands, the Eastern Border, Yessha, and the Rensvaja kingdoms, at the very least. I do know enough of real-world culture and politics to flesh these out, but I don't want to do so without knowing the history first. Fitting cultural details to history is a lot easier than shoehorning history to fit cultural details.

Once everything on this short list is done, all that will remain for my setting's first edition to be completed will be ... editing of this very blog! We'll see how it goes, and just how many more posts it will require.

And then we'll finally enter the play-testing phase ... who boy.

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